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The asphalt and concrete field have lots of service contractors.

But you can't often say if the company you've decided on to do the job is the perfect service provider. Our attention-to-detail and our impressive integrity put us ahead of our competition.

Over the years, we have worked on different projects, anywhere from small residential jobs to big construction projects in Little Rock and neighboring cities. We are experts in any form of asphalt jobs on driveways, pathways, parking lots, highways, etc. We are devoted to providing superb quality service and awesome work. Because of this, all our projects come with warranties to make sure we will get the job done right. We don't carry out a good enough job, we do an excellent job! We regularly make the effort to do a great job that will very likely meet or exceed your expectations.

Here is a handful of reasons why you should use our services:

  • Adaptable: We accept a wide-range of asphalt jobs. No task is too small or too big for us.
  • Qualified and Seasoned: We have stayed in the profession long enough to cultivate high-level competencies and have many years of experience on the job.
  • Certified Specialists: As the level of technological innovation is advancing, so is our level of competency.
  • First-class Machinery: To execute our job that leads to better, higher-quality and longer-lasting projects, we make use of appropriate and modern tools on the job.
  • Quality Guaranteed: We are known to uphold the highest standard when it comes to quality - in products, equipment, and specialists who tackle the job.
  • Economical: Compare our prices and services with other contractors, and you'll find that we're the most suitable you can find.

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Hiring an asphalt paving company is not always quick and easy. Learning about how the operation works will guide you in choosing an ideal service provider for the job. Knowing something about asphalt paving can also be useful when going over things with your contractor and when reviewing whether they are doing their job the right way.

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When dealing with an asphalt pavement repair, you can either hire the services of a company or you can go the DIY route. There's a bunch of free references you can find on the internet to do this. But there are jobs that require specific competencies, specialized products, and equipment that are not conveniently available to homeowners. Without having these, you might spend more when you attempt to do a DIY asphalt repair. Not to mention that an expertly repaired asphalt will look a lot better than your DIY project.

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asphalt repair with steamroller

resurfacing and leveling asphalt with steamroller


A new asphalt roadway surface will make driving so much more convenient. At the same time, it will make a driveway or a parking area look better and newer. This is why old asphalt layers are resurfaced.

Asphalt resurfacing is a multi-step method that is usually handled by skilled professional asphalt contractors. Proper signs are necessary when resurfacing a high traffic area. Safety measures must be in place to avoid accidents and to reduce the nuisance triggered by the roadwork.

To prepare the old asphalt layer for resurfacing, asphalt milling is done. Asphalt milling is simply the clearing of an asphalt surface. It might be partial or total. Partial milling involves clearing away just enough thickness from the surface to make it flat and make it smooth for resurfacing. Total milling means that all the asphalt layers will be scraped and resurfacing will be done on the unpaved surface.

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Protecting the asphalt from the negative effects of sunlight, rain, and chemical products, like oil and petrol, is the essential objective of asphalt sealcoating. When asphalt is laid open to these compounds for extended periods, it will stiffen. Oxidation is what causes hardening, and stiffening subsequently causes the asphalt to become breakable and weak. It loses its properties that make it suitable for streets - its flexibility and bendability. Because of this, asphalt forms crack easily. When asphalt sealcoating is applied, it will add a protective layer on the surface that will keep harmful elements from entering the layer and damaging the base material. Also, it will decelerate the oxidation process preventing the hardening of the asphalt and development of fractures.

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applying sealcoating on asphalt

stamping asphalt with brick design using a stamping machine



If you plan to make your asphalt pavement look embellished or special, asphalt stamping is what you need. It entails imprinting patterns on the asphalt surface. This is usually done to a brand new asphalt layer, but can also be applied to an existing asphalt surface provided that the asphalt is reheated.

A great number of people like the look of bricks on the pavement so they normally choose the red brick pattern when inscribing their pavement. But, when it comes to design and color, the selections are many. You can go for fancy patterns for a more special look and feel. Or you can go safe and select the popular designs for a typical pavement.

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