Asphalt Patching

Over the age of time, the asphalted surfaces start showing cracks and damages. This may be due to the following reasons.


One of the main reasons behind the damage to the asphalt paved area is due to the low quality material used in the paving. This may be due to the less budget of the contractor or any other reason.

Workers on asphalting paver machine during road street repairing worksCARELESSNESS OF THE WORKERS:

The asphalt paved areas also get damaged by carelessness of the working individuals who do not take proper care of the asphalt material and also neglect its concentration and other related issues.


Improper cleaning of the asphalt material before using it also causes damages to appear earlier. For this purpose, the asphalt material must be freed from any type of sand and gravel.


Water is the prime contributor for damage to the asphalt pavements. Water can enter the asphalt paved area through broken underground pipes. Moreover, water constantly getting collected over the area.


It is a clear thing that more quantity of the asphalt material used, greater will be the strength and life of the area, always avoid adding a very thin layer of asphalt material as the area could become exposed even in the time of a week.

Due to the above given reasons, the asphalt material paved areas get damaged and need to be repaired. The following steps are taken to fill up the patch holes and make the area leveled again.

It is very important to:

  1. Never use an under-rated or low quality asphalt material.
  1. The material comes in closed packing, free of any kind of debris, but when it is taken out of the bags and stacked it somewhere, dust, dirt and small stones might get added to it. That’s why we always clean the asphalt material before using it.
  1. Team of workers asphalting the roadMake sure that there are no broken pipe lines or any other means of water entry in to the area that is to be asphalt paved.
  1. Level up and clean the piece of land on which paving is to be done.
  1. The asphalt material used must be at least 3″ thick to avoid it from getting damaged earlier than its expected life.
  1. The asphalt must be compressed to make it more dense and strong.
  1. Use quality instruments for paving any kind of area with asphalt and make sure that an even amount of the material gets distributed in the whole area.


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