Asphalt Reconstruction and Milling

Team of workers making and constructing asphalt roadUpon average use a newly constructed pavement area such as a parking lot, lasts up to 20-25 years but upon heavy usage it can drop down to 10-15 years max. Asphalt milling and resurfacing are the process for the renovation of an existing asphalt constructed road.


Due to the exposure to unsuitable conditions such as more weight and constant wet conditions, the asphalt pavement areas show signs of damage. Pavement resurfacing is done to improve the condition of such areas and make them as good or closer to new. In this process an additional layer of the asphalt material is poured over the area to make it stronger and better. The new layer added is generally 2-3 inches thick. The area is firstly properly cleaned and milled and then the resurfacing process begins.

The resurfacing rates depend upon your requirements such as size and shape of the area.


Asphalt milling is a process prior to the resurfacing process. The old asphalt is stripped and the edges of the already asphalt paved area are cut and shaped. The other general surface of the asphalt area is also leveled so that there are no empty spaces left between the older pavement material and the newly poured material. There should be no empty spaces left to let the water squeeze in the reconstructed area. The newly added layer must adhere to the previous one in a way that it is at the same level as the previous layer was. This condition must prevail to ensure the proper draining of water and so that the water does not stop or collect over the area.


  1. Avoid getting the asphalt area reconstructed during the wet conditions because the water will get collected between the two layers and it decreases the life of the resurfaced area.
  1. Resurfacing can also be used to repair cracked or damaged asphalt areas. For this purpose, the hole in the surface is to be filled with sand or gravel or any other filling material. Then the hole is filled with at least 4″ of asphalt to make it level to the older layer and then resurfacing is to be done.
  1. A completely resurfaced asphalt pavement remains for at least 10-15 years
  1. Allow the resurfaced asphalt area to dry completely and avoid contact for at least 24 hours.
  1. Never use low quality resurfacing material as it may cost you more and you may end up spending double amount of money than the good quality material.

Team of workers making and constructing asphalt roadThe resurfacing rates depend upon your requirements such as size and shape of the area and also its locality. Always check the prices from multiple contractors to get the best quality work at the cheapest possible rates.


Asphalt reconstruction and milling is the most difficult and time-consuming process among all of the other asphalt maintenance works. It is nearly impossible to reconstruct the asphalt pavements without any professional help, unless you have a previous experience with this kind of work. Even if you have the experience you would need the equipment that are very costly and certainly you would not spend thousands of bucks to buy equipment for just one use.

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