Asphalt Repair

With time, asphalt pavement will deteriorate and cracks and pot holes will form, due to earth movement, tree roots, heavy use of the asphalt, yearly freeze and thawed periods …  Estates Paving provides repair service for damaged and cracked asphalt.

Repairing and maintaining existing asphalt will extend the life of your asphalt and avoid that even more damage will appear.

People repairing asphalt on the roadCall our experienced asphalt paving company for crack repair services.

Asphalt is used to fill cracks and holes and make them level to the surrounding ground. The holes from where the asphalt is missing are called pot-holes and can be filled in by pouring new liquid asphalt in them. Asphalt cracks or pot-holes are not very difficult to fix, they can be easily repaired. Here we are going to focus upon the methods and some tricks we use for asphalt repair.
For the asphalt material to adhere quickly and completely, it is necessary to first clean the area from any kind of debris, dust, water or small vegetation. It is a necessary step to ensure that the asphalt material settles down in a steady way and remains there for a long time. First we need to remove the debris using a broom. Or depending on the surface, we might use water, and ensure that the area is completely dry before pouring the asphalt material, for this, the area must be left to dry for at least one day. Now, to free the area from vegetation we can use a hoe.

Now that we have cleared the area from anything that could get between the repairing material and the ground, we will need to prepare the asphalt tamper and pothole patch to start the repair of the potholes.

The hole should be deeper than the asphalt material itself, if it is then it is important to fill it in with sand and gravel with as much gravel and sand as we can and leave a depth of just 4 inches. The sand and gravel must be dry as the moisture can damage the asphalt material and it may start cracking again in a few days.

We then heat up the asphalt in the surrounding of the hole with a flame torch. Heating up the area before applying new asphalt will increase the bonding and stability of the new asphalt material from any kind of vegetation as it is important that we do not want small plants to pour out of your area and ruin all hard work.

Team of workers making and constructing asphalt roadThe hole will now be filled up with the asphalt material to the top. Using a shovel allows to spread the asphalt material in the hole.

After the hole is filled with the asphalt material, we ca flatten the asphalt material, to make the asphalt material more concentrated in the hole and we may need to add more of it to make the hole level up again. The area will be pounded until it no more level outs. A vibrating compactor will make the asphalt material even denser to improve its life.


We have a team of professional here at Estates Paving who are experts in this field. We use the best asphalt material in the market to make sure that it stays in its place long enough. We have high end equipments in our company that provide great efficiency in a small time and also ensure the quality work. We have various packages and also offer discounts on big projects. We will make your asphalt pavement or driveway better than new, so contact us and get started today with the best asphalt services providing services in the whole of the states.

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