Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt pavement is a mixture of small rocks held together by asphalt cement which is primarily a mixture of refined crude oil derivatives. As the time passes, the different materials such as other chemicals and sunlight deteriorate the condition of the pavements and the materials may start getting of the pavement creating holes or show cracks. This is when sealcoating comes in to play, sealcoating provides an extra coat or layer of a protecting material to the asphalt pavement to protect it from damage. It also reduces skidding of vehicles as the constant exposure to the atmosphere causes the pavement to become slippery. Sealcoating also gives the pavement a beautiful dark black colour which is a good thing to see.Plaining asphalt using steamroller

Sealcoating the asphalt covered pavements is an essential process to maintain the total period of the asphalt pavements. When properly seal coated, the asphalt pavements may last up to 25-30 years and even 35 years. This will save you a lot of bucks and also free you from the worries of having to reconstruct the pavement.

Sealcoating is the best asphalt pavement maintenance method. It ensures the safety of the pavement to protect it from damages. A regular sealcoating schedule is necessary to maintain the pavement and improve its life. It is a wise decision to spend a few bucks after every 2-3 years upon average use and 1-2 years upon heavy usage, rather than spending a heavy deal of money to get the pavement reconstructed due to damages. Sealcoating materials are not costly and are available at different rates in the market depending upon the constituent used in the sealcoating material. Sealcoating material is easy to handle and can be applied using a brush or a sprayer to improve the condition of the asphalt pavement.

The following things must be kept in mind while doing the sealcoating process.

The area on which asphalt sealcoating is to be done must be clean and dry. Sealcoating cannot be done on a wet area as it will damage the sealcoating material and the coat may not last for a long period of time.

The temperature of the sealcoating material must be at least 50 degrees Celsius. If there is a large area to be covered the temperature might need to take up to 60 degrees and even 70 degrees. This is because the material cools down with time when there is a large area to be covered and it will result in a poor quality coat.

The sealcoating process cannot be done if the rain is expected within the next 24-48 hours as it will damage the seal coated area.

A man operating a steamroller to plain the asphalt roadTwo coats of the sealcoating material should be applied one after the other to ensure the quality and increase the life of the pavement. The first coat must be allowed to settle down a bit before applying the second coat.

When finished, the seal coated area must be allowed to cool down and you must avoid using it or driving over it for at least 24 hours in hot conditions and 48 hours in cold conditions.

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