How Much Does Asphalt Paving Cost For Driveways?

Asphalt driveways may not last as long as concrete driveways, but the cost of maintenance, repair, and replacement is cheaper than that of concrete. It is by far the most cost-effective material that can be used to construct a driveway. If you are planning on constructing a new driveway with the use of asphalt, here are some industry average for you to think about

The Cost

When hiring a new contractor, it is important that you talk to at least three contractors to get a better grasp of the industry prices of asphalt driveway construction. Prices can be all over the map. But, if you are patient, you will surely find a company that is suitable for your needs and your budget. On average, the cost having a new one constructed is around $4000 to $5000. This price already includes ripping out and hauling of the driveway to prepare it for the sub-base and new asphalt layer. In comparison, a concrete driveway can cost up around $7000.

The cost of this project can be calculated per square foot. The average cost per square foot is between $3 to $5.  But, you may also meet contractors that will charge you by the ton with an average cost of $100 to $150 per ton of asphalt.

Repair Cost

With asphalt driveways, you have the option of having the existing asphalt resurfaced rather than replace it with an entirely new driveway. A new driveway pertains hauling all the materials that were previously used to create your driveway. If the sub base of your driveway is still viable, it is a better option to do a resurfacing. When resurfacing your driveway, you will only need to haul the damaged layer to create an even and smooth surface for the new asphalt layer. This can be done through asphalt milling. You can resurface your driveway on its 15th-year mark. Most asphalt driveways can only last until the said length, and this is the best time to do a resurfacing process. If the cost of having a new asphalt driveway constructed is around $3 to $5 per square foot, the average cost of a resurfacing project is only around $1.75 to $2.25. This is an incredible saving for you.

For other asphalt problems that can’t be resolved through resurfacing, repairs can be done. This can be applied for asphalt sinkholes. Sinkholes usually appear when the soil under your driveway is starting to break down. Sinkholes can easily be repaired by compacting a new gravel sub base and laying a new asphalt layer. Of course, the area needs to be cut before this can be done. The cost of this kind of repair can be around $700 to $1,100.

In other cases, driveway depressions can happen when the soil underneath begins to give in. If the problem is not severe, this can be repaired by using the same process as repairing sinkholes. But, in severe cases, the driveway will need to be replaced entirely or just part of it.

As mentioned earlier, it is important that you conduct your own research and talk to at least three contractors to better understand the industry cost. If you do this, you will be able to make an educated decision. One that you will not regret.

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