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There are so many asphalt paving and concrete companies around.

But spotting a contractor that will give your money's worth is not often simple. But, we are able to emerge, amidst the competition, as a result of the quality of our service and our ingenuity.

No job is too small or too big for us. Our work portfolio covers large megaprojects and small-sized residential sort of jobs in Oak Lawn and other neighboring vicinities. Our typical areas of expertise entail working on asphalt driveways, business parking area, and community communities. To provide protection to your investments, all our work come with service warranties. We want to see to it that you're contented with our service and you're getting your hard earned money's worth. When you hire us, you can be totally confident that we will do the job, perhaps beyond your expectations.

We've listed down the reasons why we are the first-rate asphalt paving company for your job:

  • Flexible: It is our wide scope of services that makes us among the best paving companies around.
  • Skilled and Seasoned: We have been steadily rendering good quality service for numerous years and have maintained our reputation as the top asphalt paving company in the city.
  • Licensed Specialists: We continuously sharpen our skill sets and cultivate our practical knowledge with training and innovation.
  • Top Machinery: We acquire the finest tools and machinery to make sure that our work is supported by the latest available technology.
  • Quality Guaranteed: We stand behind the quality of our work and back it up with a service warranty to see to it you are pleased with our service.
  • Cost-effective: We give you your hard earned money's worth. We offer our services at budget-friendly rates and our work comes with a warranty.

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If you're employing a contractor for your asphalt project, you will still need to learn the processes involved in asphalt paving. This is to see to it that you settle on the most suitable contractor for the job. A little know-how can go a long way. It can enable you to check if the company you hired is getting the job done correctly.

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There are many video tutorials on YouTube and thousands of articles online detailing how you can repair an asphalt pavement on your own. But DIY asphalt repair can turn out costing you more because you don't have the suitable proficiencies, professional grade products and machines to execute the job correctly. Your endeavor to recondition your asphalt pavement on your own can also lead to an unprofessional-looking job, which could be avoided if you hire a service provider for the job.

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asphalt repair with steamroller

resurfacing and leveling asphalt with steamroller


A new asphalt street surface will make driving a lot easier. It will also restore and invigorate driveways and parking garage. Asphalt resurfacing can be done to achieve the same results in old asphalt driveways.

Asphalt resurfacing is a multi-step procedure that is typically executed by skilled professional asphalt companies. If you're resurfacing a bustling street, you will need right roadwork signs and safety measures to restrict accidents and avoid serious nuisance to the driving public.

Before resurfacing, the asphalt layer must be cleared away first. This is called asphalt milling. Resurfacing requires that the surface is smooth and flat. In partial milling, only the bumpy layer is removed to make a smooth and flat surface. If you're taking out the whole asphalt layer to expose the unpaved surface, this is called total milling.

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The primary purpose of seal coating an asphalt layer is to preserve the surface from the elements, like sunlight, moisture, and synthetic chemicals, like engine oil and petrol, that can destroy the asphalt material. When laid open to these for a long time, asphalt will harden. Stiffening is brought on by oxidation. An asphalt becomes fragile and weak when it stiffens. When an asphalt stiffens, it loses its flexible and bendable properties. Cracks will develop easily as a result of this. To avoid this, asphalt sealcoating is applied. This adds a layer that shields the asphalt from adverse compounds and keeps these compounds from ruining the base material. Sealcoating also stalls the oxidation process.

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applying sealcoating on asphalt

stamping asphalt with brick design using a stamping machine



If you like to make your asphalt pavement look fancy or unique, asphalt stamping is what you need. It involves stamping patterns on the asphalt surface. This treatment can be applied to both brand new and old asphalt layer. Newly laid asphalt is still soft and the design will be easily printed on the surface. Existing asphalt may be reheated to make the surface soft.

The most popular pattern is the red brick design, which makes the surface seem like it's paved with red bricks. Stamping templates come in many different patterns - from simple geometrics to intricate design and stamped asphalt can also have different colors.

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