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The asphalt and concrete industry has an abundance of service contractors. But not all service providers are the same. Getting one that's worth your hard earned money and time is not quick and easy. Our attention-to-detail and exceptional work ethics are what keeps us ahead of our competition.

We have been part of quite a few mega projects and take pride in an unrivaled loyal clientele in Springfield and surrounding areas. We are experts in any type of asphalt jobs on driveways, pathways, parking lots, streets, etc. We are devoted to providing outstanding quality service and awesome work. Because of this, all our projects come with guarantees to make sure we will do the job correctly. When you use our services, you can be totally confident that we will deliver, most likely beyond your expectations.

These are the aspects that put us above our competition:

  • Adaptable: We take on all types of asphalt jobs in different scales: residential, business, public, countrywide. As long as we can do it, we accept it.
  • Trained and Seasoned: We have been constantly providing good quality service for numerous years and have kept our credibility as the best asphalt paving contractor in the community.
  • Certified Experts: As the level of technological innovation is progressing, so is our degree of proficiency.
  • Top Machinery: To carry out our work that results in better, higher-quality and longer-lasting projects, we make use of well-suited and advanced machinery on the job.
  • Quality Guaranteed: When all is done and dusted, we will provide you a warranty as a symbol of quality on your investment.
  • Economical: Compare our prices and services with other service providers, and you'll see that we're the most suitable you can hire.

If you need more details, contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your project.

worker doing asphalt paving


Even if you have chosen to employ the services of a company for your asphalt project, it's smart to learn the procedure of laying an asphalt. This is to make sure that you're choosing the most suitable contractor to work on the job. Learning something about asphalt paving could also be helpful when going over details with your contractor and when assessing their work - whether they are doing it the right way.

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There are hundreds of video tutorials on YouTube and thousands of articles online detailing how an asphalt pavement can be repaired on your own. But without having the essential materials, proficiencies, and equipment, this DIY asphalt repair can come out as more costly than when you hire an expert to do the job. Also, a professionally repaired asphalt will appear a lot better than your DIY attempt.

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asphalt repair with steamroller

resurfacing and leveling asphalt with steamroller


Driving on a newly paved street is a lot easier and smoother. A newly paved driveway will also improve the appearance of a driveway or a car park. This is why asphalt resurfacing is done on old asphalt pavements.

Preferably carried out by specialists, asphalt resurfacing is an operation of making existing asphalt look brand new again. Disturbances can be expected when doing asphalt resurfacing on significant streets. Service providers should be prepared with suitable warning signs to advise the driving public of the on-going road construction and to avoid accidents.

Before resurfacing, the asphalt layer must be cleared away first. This is called asphalt milling. Resurfacing necessitates that the surface is smooth and even. In partial milling, only the jagged layer is taken out to make a smooth and even surface. Total milling, which is the removal of the full asphalt layer, is required when resurfacing is carried out on the unpaved surface.

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Shielding the asphalt from the negative effects of sunlight, moisture, and synthetic substances, like fuel oil and gasoline, is the main goal of asphalt sealcoating. Extended exposure to these elements will harden the asphalt. Hardening is not good because it will make the asphalt brittle and weak. It loses its properties that make it suitable for thoroughfares - flexibility and bendability. Because of this, asphalt develops break easily. To avoid this, asphalt sealcoating is applied. This provides a layer that guards the asphalt against damaging compounds and keep them from destroying the base product. Sealcoating also impedes the oxidation process.

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applying sealcoating on asphalt

stamping asphalt with brick design using a stamping machine



Beautiful pavements are stylish and distinct so people are delving into asphalt stamping to produce lovely designs on their asphalt. This technique can be installed on both brand new and existing asphalt layer. Freshly laid asphalt is still soft and the design will be easily etched on the surface. Existing asphalt can be reheated to make the surface soft.

Many people like the look of bricks on the pavement so they often prefer the red brick pattern when stamping their pavement. But, there are a lot of patterns to choose from for your stamped asphalt. You can go from basic shapes to intricate designs. Asphalt can also come in different colors, too.

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