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There are so many asphalt paving and concrete service providers around. But spotting a contractor that will give your money's worth is not often easy. It is our attention-to-detail and our ingenuity in the industry that keeps us ahead.

We are referred to as an excellent contractor servicing Independence and other areas in proximity. We also have been part of many different construction jobs. We are professionals in any kind of asphalt jobs on driveways, walkways, parking lots, roadways, etc. We are secure in the quality of our services so we support them with service warranties to be sure that you'll get what you pay us for. We don't carry out a good enough job. We consistently make every effort to do an excellent job that will very likely exceed your expectations.

These are the reasons why we are the finest contractor available:

  • Versatile: It is our immense range of services that makes us among the best paving contractors available.
  • Skilled and Competent: We have been working in the trade long enough to form high level competencies and have many years of experience on the job.
  • Licensed Professionals: Members of our workforce are highly-trained and licensed for the job.
  • First-class Gear: We gear up our team with the finest and most sophisticated equipments to make their job more efficient and precise.
  • Quality Guaranteed: We are known to uphold the highest standard when it comes to quality - in products, tools and workers who work on the job.
  • Economical: We provide you your money's worth. Our company provide our services at budget friendly prices and our work comes with a warranty.

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If you're employing the services of a contractor for your asphalt project, you still need to understand the processes involved in asphalt paving. This is to make sure that you that select the most suitable contractor for the job. In some cases, companies take advantage of the client's ignorance of the job. If you are knowledgeable of the operation of asphalt paving, it will be easy to check if the contractor is pulling a fast one on you.

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You can find numerous DO-IT-YOURSELF references online and even hear individuals urging you to deal with the asphalt pavement by yourself. But selecting a professional company to deal with your asphalt could be the more ideal option than the DIY way. This is because they have the competencies, tools, and materials suited for the project. Doing it yourself might not save you money as you assume it will. Also, a professionally fixed asphalt will appear a lot better than your DIY attempt.

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asphalt repair with steamroller

resurfacing and leveling asphalt with steamroller


A brand new asphalt thoroughfare can make a huge difference when driving. Moreover, it will make a driveway or a parking lot look better and newer. This is why asphalt resurfacing is done on old asphalt pavements.

Asphalt resurfacing is done by qualified professional companies to breathe new life to your asphalt surface. It is right to anticipate disturbances when doing asphalt resurfacing on serious roads. Contractors should be equipped with right warning signs to notify the driving public of the on-going road construction and to avoid accidents.

Before resurfacing, the asphalt layer must be cleared away first. This is called asphalt milling. If you're clearing away a partial layer of an asphalt surface to make it even and smooth, this is just partial milling. If you're removing all of the asphalt layer to reveal the unpaved surface, this is called total milling.

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The essential objective of seal coating an asphalt layer is to insulate the surface from natural elements, like sun and water, and synthetic chemicals like oil and gasoline that can weaken the asphalt material. The asphalt will harden when subjected to these products for a long time. Stiffening is brought on by oxidation. An asphalt becomes breakable and weak when it stiffens. When an asphalt hardens, it loses its flexible and bendable properties. Fractures will form easily because of this. Prevention is better than repair. Asphalt sealcoating works as a barrier that stops destructive compounds from getting to the base product. It also inhibits the oxidation process which hardens the asphalt.

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applying sealcoating on asphalt

stamping asphalt with brick design using a stamping machine



If you want to make your asphalt pavement look embellished or distinct, asphalt stamping is what you need. It involves impressing patterns on the asphalt surface. This technique may be applied to both brand new and old asphalt layer. Newly laid asphalt is still soft and the design will be easily inscribed on the surface. Old asphalt can be reheated to make the surface soft.

The brick design is a popular pattern for the pavement. It makes the area look like it's paved with natural bricks. But it's stamped asphalt that does the trick. But, there are a ton of patterns to pick from for your stamped asphalt. You can go from basic shapes to decorated designs. Asphalt can also be available in different colors, too.

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Our business has expanded in a massive way in the past ten years since we started off in our modest city of Independence. Efficacy and proficiency are two of the many things that we continue to contend. We guarantee that the level of service is maintained in each service that we deliver. Consult with us from the comfort of your home to have your driveways, footpaths, and private roads expertly handled.

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