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There are many asphalt paving and concrete contractors around. But you can't always determine if the service provider you've hired to do the job is the right company. What makes us the best service provider in the profession is our work ethics and ingenuity.

We have been involved in quite a few mega projects and take pride in an unmatched following in Lawton and surrounding areas. We are specialists in any kind of asphalt jobs on driveways, walkways, car park, highways, etc. We are certain in the quality of our work so we back them up with service warranties to be sure that you'll get what you pay us for. We don't do a good enough job. We continually try hard to do a great job that will very likely go beyond your expectations.

These are the factors that put us in front of our competitors:

  • Flexible: It is our wide range of services that makes us among the most popular paving companies around.
  • Skillful and Competent: We have been repeatedly giving good quality service for many years and have preserved our brand as the most popular asphalt paving service provider in the community.
  • Accredited Experts: Every member of our company are highly-trained and qualified for the job.
  • Finest Tools: We set up our crew with the most suitable and most innovative equipment to make their job more efficient and accurate.
  • Quality Guaranteed: We don't just get the job done, we ensure that our work will last longer and it comes with a warranty.
  • Economical: We give you your money's worth. Our company provides our services at comparatively cheap prices and our work comes with a service warranty.

If you need more information, contact us and we will be delighted to discuss your project.


Even though you have decided to hire the services of a service provider for your asphalt task, it's advisable to learn the operation of laying an asphalt to be sure that you're choosing the most suitable person to complete the job. Sometimes, contractors exploit the customer's ignorance of the job. If you are familiar with the operation of asphalt paving, it will be easy to check if the service provider is pulling a fast one on you.

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Often, it is tempting to do things by yourself thinking you'll save money while doing so. Repairing your asphalt pavement is one of them. But in the absence of the needed products, proficiencies and tools, these DIY asphalt repair can turn up as more expensive than when you hire a professional to accomplish the job. Also, a professionally patched asphalt will look a lot better than your DIY endeavor.

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asphalt repair with steamroller

resurfacing and leveling asphalt with steamroller


Driving conditions will undoubtedly be far better when driving on brand new asphalt thoroughfare surface. It will also refresh and vitalize driveways and car park. In connection, old asphalt pavements can be new again with the help of asphalt resurfacing. Asphalt resurfacing is a multi-step process that is usually completed by experts in the asphalt industry. Professional pavers anticipate inconveniences when doing asphalt resurfacing on huge roads. Professional companies are prepared with right warning signs to advise the driving public of the on-going road construction and to restrict accidents.

Before resurfacing, the asphalt layer must be taken off first. This is called asphalt milling. Resurfacing necessitates that the surface is smooth and flat. In partial milling, only the patchy layer is removed to make a smooth and level surface. Total milling, which is the clearing of the full asphalt layer, is needed when resurfacing is done on the unpaved surface.

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Asphalt are subjected to the sun and rain. On the roadway and car park, they are exposed to engine oil and gasoline. These products can cause deterioration to the asphalt, that's why seal coating is crucial to protect the paved surface. When asphalt is laid open to these products for long periods, it will stiffen. Hardening is not good because it will make the asphalt breakable and weak. It loses its properties that make it suitable for roads - flexibility and bendability. As a result of this, asphalt forms crack easily. Protection is better than repair. Asphalt sealcoating works as a shield that keeps destructive compounds from getting into the base material. It also decelerates the oxidation process which stiffens the asphalt.

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applying sealcoating on asphalt

stamping asphalt with brick design using a stamping machine



Decorative pavements are trendy and distinct so people are considering asphalt stamping to create lovely designs on their asphalt. This is usually applied to a new asphalt layer, but can also be installed on an existing asphalt surface as long as the asphalt is reheated.

The brick design is a popular pattern for the pavement. It makes the area appear like it's paved with natural bricks. But it's stamped asphalt that does the trick. There are a number of patterns to pick from for your stamped asphalt. You can go from basic shapes to complex designs. Asphalt can also come in different colors.

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Our business has evolved in a major way in the last decade since we started off in our humble city of Lawton. Efficacy and proficiency are two of the many traits that we constantly push. We see to it that the level of service is consistent in each service that we deliver. Should you wish to give your footpaths, driveways, and private roads an expert makeover, don't think twice to give us a call.

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