The Different Kinds Of Asphalt Driveway Sealers

types of asphalt sealer

Choosing an asphalt driveway sealer can be an overwhelming process, especially with the presence of different varieties and options. The best thing that you can do is to slow down and stay relaxed. There is no need to be overwhelmed. A little bit of know-how about the different types of sealers will give you an educated decision when it is time to buy one. This article will help you understand each type of sealer that you can buy in the market. This will also help you decide which sealer is the best for you and your asphalt driveway needs.

Coal Tar Sealer
One of the types of sealers that you can use to protect your asphalt driveway from any organic or inorganic materials that can damage your asphalt is coal tar. This type of sealer has the ability to resist water, gasoline, and oil. It also has the ability to protect the asphalt from direct sunlight, which is one of the agents that hardens the asphalt layer making it vulnerable to breaking. Coal tar sealants are made of refined coal and other additives that help asphalt last longer comparing to when you use asphalt-based sealers. The disadvantage of using this type of sealer is that VOC (volatile organic compound) that it emits when applying it. The higher the VOC content is in the coal tar sealer, the higher the possibility of bad odor and adverse effects to the environment.

Asphalt Sealer
The second option that you can find sold in the market today are sealers that are asphalt-based. This type of sealer also has the ability to resist water. However, it does not provide the same type of protection against oil, gasoline, and direct sunlight. This type of asphalt sealer is made from crude with some additives. Using asphalt sealer would mean applying the sealer more frequent than when you use the latter. The upside of using this type of sealer though is that it does not produce a lot of VOC, which means less odor and adverse effect to the environment.

Acrylic Polymer Sealer
This type of asphalt sealer is considered to be a synthetic type. The reason for this is because this is made of all man-made chemicals. Acrylic Polymer sealer has all the abilities that coal tar sealers have. It can resist water, gasoline, oil, and direct sunlight. The difference between acrylic polymer sealer and coal tar is the amount of VOC that each emits. Acrylic polymer does not emit as much as VOC levels as that of coal tar. Also, if coal tar can provide longer protection to asphalt, acrylic polymer sealers provide longer protection than coal tar and asphalt sealers. The only downside of buying this type of sealer is that it is in the upper price scale.

Driveway Sealer Grades
Getting to know driveway grade sealers is perhaps the most complicated thing to do when it comes to understanding different kinds of asphalt sealers. Driveway sealer grades are assigned per manufacturer. One company may be producing a professional grade driveway sealer, but this version of driveway sealer may be the commercial version in another company. The best thing you can do when buying a sealer according to grade is to check the lifespan of the sealer and the warranty that it comes.

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