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The asphalt and concrete business have plenty of service companies. But not all companies are the same. Looking for an asphalt paving company that's worth your money and time is not easy. It is our attention-to-detail and our ingenuity in the profession that keeps us ahead in this industry. We have been involved in countless mega projects and boast of an unmatched following in Arlington and surrounding cities.

Our fields of specialization consist of, but are not limited to, asphalt driveways, business parking area, residential and public thoroughfares, etc. We are confident in the quality of our work so support them with guarantees to ensure that you'll get what you pay us for. You can always rely on us to deliver, often beyond your expectations.

These are the qualities that put us above our competitors:

  • Versatile: It is our extensive range of services that makes us among the most popular paving companies around.
  • Proficient and Experienced: We have been constantly rendering good quality service for many years and have kept our brand as the leading asphalt paving contractor in the area.
  • Accredited Experts: We take training and certification seriously to make sure we deploy people who are professionals at what they do.
  • First-class Gear: We have state-of-the-art tools backed by the most up-to-date science in asphalt installation.
  • Quality Guaranteed: We don't just do the job, we see to it that our work will last longer and we ensure the quality with a service warranty.
  • Cost-efficient: With the quality of service that we give, you will get more than what you spend for.

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Having knowledge of the asphalt paving operation, although you're not doing the physical installation, will help you make knowledgeable decisions when choosing an asphalt paving company to get the job done. Discovering something about asphalt paving could be valuable when discussing things with your company and when inspecting their work, whether they are doing it right or not.

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When restoring an asphalt pavement, you can employ the services of a service provider, or you can go the DIY route. There's a bunch of free references you can get on the web. But DIY asphalt repair can turn out costing you more because you don't have the sufficient competencies, high-quality grade materials and equipment to do the job right. And your effort to repair your asphalt pavement by yourself can result in an unprofessional-looking job, which would've been prevented if you employed the services of a service provider.

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asphalt repair with steamroller

resurfacing and levelling asphalt with steamroller


A brand new asphalt road can make a significant difference when driving. Furthermore, it will make a driveway or a parking lot look better and newer.

Ideally completed by experts, asphalt resurfacing is a procedure of making old asphalt look brand new again. Disruptions can be expected when doing asphalt resurfacing on huge thoroughfares. Companies should be equipped with sufficient warning signs to alert the driving public of the on-going road work and to avoid accidents.

Taking out an asphalt surface, in preparation for resurfacing, is called asphalt milling. Partial milling entails removing just enough depth of the asphalt surface to level it and make it smooth for resurfacing. Total milling is the removal of the full asphalt layer where resurfacing is carried out on the unpaved surface.

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Preserving the asphalt from the harmful effects of sunlight, moisture, and other chemical compounds, like fuel oil and petrol, are the main objective of asphalt sealcoating. Extended exposure to these elements will harden the asphalt. Hardening is not good because it will make the asphalt breakable and weak. It loses it flexible and bendable properties making it unable to expand and handle pressure. This will cause crevices to develop on the surface. To avoid this, asphalt sealcoating is applied. This gives a layer that insulates the asphalt from damaging compounds and ruining the base product. Sealcoating also decelerates the oxidation process.

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applying sealcoating on asphalt

staming asphalt with brick design using a stamping machine



Stamping an asphalt surface is the way to go if you want to achieve a unique look and feel for your pavement. This means you will inscribe a design on your asphalt. This is usually done to a new asphalt layer, but can also be applied to an existing asphalt surface provided that the asphalt is reheated. One of the most popular patterns is the red brick design, making the surface appear like it's paved with red bricks. Templates for asphalt stamping are available in a wide range of designs and patterns. Also, asphalt can take up colors. This means that you don't have to be stuck to black or dark gray, which are the usual color of asphalt.

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We began our journey in the asphalt services sector in our humble city of Arlington. As an asphalt paving company, efficacy and proficiency are two of the many traits that we constantly contend. As a lot of people say, you always get what you pay for-- and that is exactly how it is at Estates Paving Company. Consult us from the comfort of your residence or office to have your private roads, footpaths, and paths expertly handled.

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