Welcome to Estates Paving website. The asphalt and concrete industry has an abundance of service contractors. But you can't often determine if the contractor you've opted to get the job done is the perfect company. It is our attention-to-detail and our ingenuity in the industry that keeps us ahead. No work is too small or too big for us. Our work portfolio consists of big megaprojects and modest domestic type of jobs in Austin and other surrounding areas.

We are professionals in any type of asphalt jobs on driveways, pathways, parking garage, highways, etc. We are sure in the quality of our work we backed it up with guarantees to make sure that you'll get what you pay us for. We don't do a good enough job. We constantly make the effort to do a fine job that will likely extend past your expectations.

These are the reasons why we are the leading asphalt service provider around:

  • Versatile: We accept a wide-range of asphalt jobs. No work is too small or too big for us.
  • Proficient and Seasoned: Our company has years of experience and has gained proficiencies that earned us the trust and confidence of our long-time customers.
  • Qualified Professionals: Members of our team are highly-trained and licensed for the job.
  • First-class Tools: We gear up our workforce with the top and most superior tools to make their work more efficient and precise.
  • Quality Guaranteed: We don't just get the job done, we ensure that our work will last longer and we seal it with a service warranty.
  • Economical: With the kind of service that we give, you will get more than what you pay for.

There's a lot to talk about, and our phone lines are always open. Give us a call today!

Team of Workers making and constructing asphalt road construction with steamroller. The top layer of asphalt road on a private residence house driveway


Even though you choose to employ the services of a company for your asphalt task, it's a good idea to learn the operation of laying an asphalt to be sure that you're picking the most suitable person to do the job. A small amount of know-how can go a long way. It can guide you, and will allow you to check if the service provider you chose is doing the job properly.

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When repairing an asphalt pavement, you can employ the services of a professional service provider, or you can go the DIY way. There's a number of free materials you can find on the net. But there are tasks that require specific skills, specific products and tools that are not immediately available to homeowners. In the absence of these, you might spend more when you attempt to do a DIY asphalt repair. Not to mention that an expertly patched asphalt will appear a lot better than your DIY experiment.

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asphalt repair with steamroller

resurfacing and levelling asphalt with steamroller


Driving on a newly paved street is a lot easier and smoother. Moreover, a newly resurfaced pavement will invigorate driveways and parking garages, and breathe new life into any paved surfaces.

Asphalt resurfacing is done by qualified professional service providers to breathe new life to your asphalt surface. Anticipate disruption when doing asphalt resurfacing on major thoroughfares. Service providers should be prepared with suitable warning signs to inform the driving public of the on-going street work to avoid accidents.

Asphalt milling is simply the clearing of an asphalt surface. It may be partial or total. If you're taking off a partial layer of an asphalt surface to make it even and smooth, this is partial milling. If you're removing all of the asphalt layer to show the unpaved surface, this is total milling.

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Guarding the asphalt from the awful affects of sun, moisture, and other types of inorganic compounds like engine oil and petrol is the main goal of asphalt sealcoating. Extended exposure to these elements will harden the asphalt. Hardening is triggered by oxidation. An asphalt becomes breakable and weak when it stiffens.

Prevention is better than repair. Asphalt sealcoating works as a barrier that prevents adverse compounds from getting to the base product. It also slows down the oxidation process which hardens the asphalt. When an asphalt hardens, it loses its flexibility and pliability. Cracks will develop easily as a result of this.

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applying sealcoating on asphalt

staming asphalt with brick design using a stamping machine



Stamped asphalt is a visual product of inscribing an asphalt surface with patterns to give it a unique appearance. This is usually done to a brand new asphalt layer, but can also be installed on an existing asphalt surface provided that the asphalt is reheated. The most preferred pattern is the red brick design, making the surface look like it's paved with red bricks.

When it comes down to design and colors, the options are many. You can opt for elaborate patterns for a more special appearance. Or you can go safe and choose the popular designs for a classic pavement.

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Our business has evolved in a major way in the last decade since we started off in our humble city of Austin. Efficacy and proficiency are two of the many traits that we constantly contend. The caliber of our work is consistent at every single job that we tackle. Reach out to us now from the conveniences of your home to get your footpaths, driveways, and private roads expertly done.

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