Welcome! We are Estates Paving and this is our official site. The asphalt and concrete industry has an abundance of service companies. But not all companies are the same. Stumbling on one that's worth your hard earned money and time is not easy. We have earned a fantastic credibility as an asphalt contractor thanks to our commitment to work and our values as a company. We have been part of several mega projects and has an unsurpassed client base in Cypress and local areas.

Our fields of specialization include, but are not limited to, asphalt driveways, business parking area, residential and public roadways, etc. For your protection and assurance, we offer warranties for all the projects that we do, as a badge of confidence in our work and devotion to quality. When you hire us, you can be totally sure that we will do the job, perhaps beyond your expectations.

Listed below are some reasons why you should hire us:

  • Versatile: From roads to driveways, to parking garage. From asphalt paving to repair, resurfacing and stamping. We do all kinds of asphalt jobs, whether it's small-sized or mega project.
  • Skillful and Experienced: We have been in the field for a number of years and our skills and our excellent credentials are what keep us the best asphalt paving company in the area.
  • Licensed Experts: We take training and qualification seriously to make sure we send workers who are experts at what they do.
  • Finest Gear: To perform our job that produce better, higher-quality and longer-lasting projects, we make use of well-suited and state-of-the-art machineries on the job.
  • Quality Guaranteed: When all is done and dusted, we will provide you a service warranty as a badge of quality on your investment.
  • Cost-effective: We offer you your hard earned money's worth. We provide our services at cheap rates and our work comes with a warranty.

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Hiring an asphalt paving service provider is not always straightforward. Being aware of how the process works will let you choose a suitable company for the job.
A small amount of knowledge can go a long way. It can help you to check if the company you employed is doing the job the right way. Find out more about Asphalt Patching...


You can find a lot of DO-IT-YOURSELF information on the internet and even other people encouraging you to restore your asphalt pavement by yourself. But selecting a company to deal with your asphalt may be the more suitable path to take because they have the skills, machines and materials suited for the project. Accomplishing it yourself might not save you money as you expect it will. Not to mention that a expertly replaced asphalt will appear a lot better than your DIY attempt. Find out more about our Asphalt Repair...

asphalt repair with steamroller

resurfacing and levelling asphalt with steamroller


A new asphalt surface will definitely enhance driving conditions. It will also enliven and vitalize driveways and car park.  Ideally carried out by professionals, asphalt resurfacing is a procedure of making old asphalt look brand-new again. If you're resurfacing a bustling thoroughfare, you will need appropriate construction signs and safety measures to avoid accidents and huge disturbance to the driving public.

Pavement milling is when you take away the layer of an asphalt to prep it for resurfacing. To make an asphalt layer flat and smooth for resurfacing, partial milling is done. This will take away only the layer with rough surface. If you're taking away the entire asphalt layer to show the unpaved surface, this is called total milling. Discover more about Asphalt Resurfacing...


Protecting the asphalt from the adverse affects of sunlight, moisture, and other chemical compounds like fuel oil and gasoline is the basic function of asphalt sealcoating.  Continuous exposure to these elements will stiffen the asphalt. This hardening is brought on by oxidation and will render the asphalt brittle and weak. It loses it's properties that make it ideal for thoroughfares - flexibility and bendability. As a result of this, asphalt develops fracture easily. Protection is better than repair. Asphalt sealcoating serves as a barrier that stops adverse substances from getting into the base material. It also stalls the oxidation process which hardens the asphalt. Know more about Asphalt Sealcoating...

applying sealcoating on asphalt

staming asphalt with brick design using a stamping machine



Stamped asphalt is a cosmetic procedure of inscribing an asphalt surface with patterns to give it a unique appearance. Stamping is best done on a brand new asphalt layers as it is still heated and soft. But existing asphalt surface might be reheated and branded, too. Brick design is a favorite pattern for the pavement. It makes the area look like it's paved with organic bricks. But it's stamped asphalt that does the trick. Stamping templates come in many different patterns - from basic geometrics to intricate design and stamped asphalt can also have different colors. Learn more about Asphalt Stamping...

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We began our journey in the asphalt services sector in our humble city of Cypress. In the past decade, we have mastered ways to be more reliable and successful at our jobs. As a lot of people say, you always get what you pay for-- and that is exactly what you can expect at Estate Paving Company. Call us from the comfort of your residence or office to have your private roads, footpaths, and paths expertly handled.

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