Welcome to Estates Paving website. There are many asphalt paving and concrete service providers around. But you can't always determine if the company you've hired to do the job is the suitable service provider. What makes us the best service provider in the trade is our work ethics and ingenuity. Over the years, we have handled several projects, anywhere from small-sized non-commercial jobs to huge construction projects in San Antonio and neighboring areas.

Our fields of expertise cover, but are not limited to, asphalt driveways, business parking lots, domestic and community streets, etc. For your protection and assurance, we give guarantees for all the work that we do, as a proof of faith in our work and dedication to quality. We give first-class service in every job. Customers who employed us are contented to find that we nearly always meet or exceed their expectations.

These are the reasons why we are the first-rate service provider available:

  • Flexible: It is our wide range of services that puts us among the most popular paving contractors around.
  • Qualified and Competent: We have been working in the business long enough to form high level skills and have many years of experience on the job.
  • Certified Experts: Every member of our crew are highly-trained and qualified for the job.
  • Best Equipment: We set up our company with the most suitable and superior machines to make their work more efficient and precise.
  • Quality Guaranteed: We stand behind the high quality of our work and back it up with a warranty to make sure you are contented with our service.
  • Cost-efficient: Our company offer services at very affordable rates. With a voucher for quality of service, we are your most cost-efficient choice.

There's a lot to consider, and our phone lines are ever open to discuss these things with you. Contact us today!

Team of Workers making and constructing asphalt road construction with steamroller. The top layer of asphalt road on a private residence house driveway


If you're employing a contractor for your asphalt task, you need to at least know the process of asphalt paving to see to it that you select the perfect service provider for the job. A little bit of know-how can go a long way. It can guide you to see if the company you employed the services of is doing the job correctly. Find out more about Asphalt Patching...


You can find a numerous Do It Yourself references on the web and even individuals urging you to repair your asphalt pavement on your own. But this is the type of project that requires specific competencies, specialized products and machines that are not easily accessible to homeowners. In the absence of these, you might spend more when you attempt to do a DIY asphalt repair. You also should keep in mind that an expert on asphalt repair will achieve a much better job than you. Learn more about our Asphalt Repair...

asphalt repair with steamroller

resurfacing and levelling asphalt with steamroller


A brand new asphalt surface will make driving much more convenient. It will also revive and energize driveways and parking garage. Asphalt resurfacing is done by expert companies to breathe new life to your asphalt surface. Safety measures must be top priority when resurfacing a roadway with heavy traffic. It is essential to notify people of the on-going construction with suitable signs and barriers. Accidents can take place without apparent warning signs.

Pavement milling is when you take away the layer of an asphalt to set it for resurfacing. Resurfacing necessitates that the surface is smooth and even. In partial milling, only the jagged layer is removed to make a smooth and even surface. If you're taking off the whole asphalt layer to expose the unpaved surface, this is called total milling. Know more about Asphalt Resurfacing...


The basic objective of seal coating an asphalt is to insulate the surface from the elements, like sun and moisture, and other chemicals like crude oil and gasoline that can harm the asphalt product. Prolonged exposure to these elements will stiffen the asphalt. Oxidation is what triggers hardening, and hardening in turn causes the asphalt to become breakable and weak. It won't maintain its bendable and flexible properties, making it easier to fracture. When asphalt sealcoating is applied, it will form a protective layer on the surface that will keep damaging elemens from getting into the layer and ruining the base product, and it will also decelerate the oxidation process hindering the hardening of the asphalt and formation of crevices. See more about Asphalt Sealcoating...

applying sealcoating on asphalt

staming asphalt with brick design using a stamping machine



Stamping an asphalt surface is the way to go if you like to achieve a specific appearance for your pavement. This means stamping a design on your asphalt. Asphalt stamping is done on a hot and soft asphalt, so the design will be impressed on the surface. Newly laid asphalt is the best for this goal, but old existing asphalt may be reheated also to make it ideal for stamping. A great deal of people like the appearance of bricks on the pavement so they usually choose the red brick pattern when marking their pavement. Stamping templates come in many different patterns - from simple geometrics to intricate design and stamped asphalt can also have different colors. Find out more about Asphalt Stamping...

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We began our journey in the asphalt services sector in our humble city of San Antonio. In the past decade, we have mastered ways to be more reliable and competent at our jobs. From one modest endeavor thrived a service provider that renders service with merit. Should you need to give your footpaths, driveways, and private roads an expert make over, don't think twice to give us a call.

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