Asphalt Stamping

Stamped asphalt is basically a regular asphalt molded in to different shapes and sizes to serve the purpose of decoration. Various designs are carved on to the asphalt by using a heated stamping plate and a plate compactor instrument.

People pouring asphalt on the roadOver the period of time the asphalt stamped area gets damaged due to the constant exposure to the uneven conditions and starts showing the signs of wear and tear, for this purpose the damaged area is coated with a thin layer of molted asphalt to refresh its appearance.

Firstly the asphalted area on which stamping is to be done, is heated by a heater to soften up the ground for easy and smooth stamping.

Then the stamping plate carrying a specific design of the consumer’s choice is gently pushed in to the now softened area.

This forms a decorative pattern over the asphalt area.

It is safe to drive or park over the stamped area after at least 48 hours of stamping.

Team of workers making and constructing asphalt roadFirst let the stamped area dry completely after the stamping process so that the design does not rub off and stays at its place.

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